Window Installation & Replacement Windows | Franklin, NC

Window Installation & Replacement Windows | Franklin, NC

Franklin Windows is proud to offer a full selection of quality windows to suit all styles and ages of homes. We only select the finest manufactures that will give a wide variety of choices in color, materials, durability and price.

Whether you are building a new home, updating your existing home or trying to keep a lid on your energy bills, Franklin Windows and Doors has the answer for you. All of our windows are custom fitted to ensure perfect performance and a seamless look. Match the color of your new windows to your house or let them act as trim, highlighting the exterior of your home and matching other trim like gutters and railings.

Franklin Glass Windows and Doors lets you be as modern or as traditional as you want. Let in the light and fresh air with a variety of styles.

Choice of Windows

Double Hung Windows :
Lets you open the widow with ease due to the counter balance built in and allows you to open the window as much or as little as you like. Insect screens fit easily to the exterior to allow plenty of fresh air and keep those pesky insects where they belong. Outside.

Casement Windows:
Hinged on the left or right and opens with a handle, this type of window offers good ventilation and plenty of natural light. Low air and heat leakage as well as above average noise reduction.

Picture or Fixed Windows:
Perfect for extra light on a stairwell and placed high can light the stairwell landing as well. Greater safety for that all important first step. Larger picture windows can give you an amazing view and because they do not open give added security and is completely airtight.

Sliding Windows:
Looks similar to a double hung but with the window sliding to the left or right instead of up and down. No counter balance needed. Works well next to patios, walkways and decks as it does not open into the outdoor space where people can walk into it. Usually big enough to use as an emergency escape exit and insect screens can fit easily.

Useful in many situations. Bring light into an attic, workshop or shed, Many of the older mountain homes are dark and the addition of a skylight can brighten a kitchen or living area. Go as high or as low tech as you like. Chose one with remote controlled blinds and UV resistant glass or just a fixed skylight to let in the sun.

Awning Window:
Similar to a casement window but this one is hinged at the top so you can leave it open when it is raining. Also good if placed high on a wall to let heat escape, great for small workshops.

Bay or Bow Windows:
Bay windows have typically a fixed window in the center with a double hung or other type of opening window on each side which are angled into the house. This gives you a ledge or seating area in the window depending on how big you want it, It also can add a distinctive design touch to both the inside and outside if the house. A great place for a fitted cushion, plants or just a nice warm spot for the family pet. Bow windows are normally four or more windows joined together to form a graceful curve and have the same effect and additional space as bay windows.

Replacement Glass

Replacement Glass

Storms, vandals and kids are three of the natural enemies of glass windows and doors. If you have a child that practices soccer, baseball, softball, football or any of the outdoor sports played at school these days you will already fully understand that it is just a matter of time before you will need the services of Franklin Glass Service. The same goes for store owners, shopping malls, factories and other commercial buildings. Our team will measure, cut and replace any type of glass and have your home or business watertight and secure in no time.

Whether it's new installation or a replacement window, talk to the professionals at Franklin Windows and Doors to help you make the perfect selection for your home.