Glass Door Installation Near Franklin, NC

Building a new home or wantto change the look of the front of your house, worried about security or just need a change, the professionals at Franklin Windows and Doors can answer all of  your questions and help you choose the right door for your needs. Entrance doors, Storm doors, Interior doors, patio doors and much, much more.

Selection of Residential Doors

Entrance doors:Franklin_Glass_door_2

Your main entrance to your home, it says a lot about who you are and your style. This door not only is sitting right in front of your house and most people who visit will get up close and personal with it but it is also your protection from the outside world, it keeps you and your family safe. Bill and his team can help you decide on the right door that will give you the security you need and also have character and design that goes with your home.

Internal Doors:

The doors to your bedrooms kitchen, family room and even man cave are just as important as your front door. Noise reduction, style and ease of use are all factors that come into play when deciding what kind of door should go where and we can help you choose from our large range of internal doors or make something to fit a special entrance.

Patio & Outdoor Living:Franklin_Glass_Door_1

Many homes have outside areas that become part of our living areas in good weather. Patio doors are large and let the light spill into living areas while giving us a great view of our gardens or views. Sliding doors offer a great way to move between indoor and outdoor but there are other options available. Concertina doors allow a wall to disappear or a double door allows more space for people to move between the two areas. Your choices of materials are large from wood finished and stained to your liking or some of the more modern materials that are easy to maintain and home in a variety of colors. The choice is yours.

Storm Doors:

For the entrance or rear door, this adds a little more security both from inclement weather and from those you want to keep out while still allowing visibility and ventilation.

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